How to Update Directory Info

This is meant as a partial list of directories and web pages where information may be stored, and how to update that information.  In general, there are different directories available for every different department, so you should be sure to check with your department's Business Office or administrator/administrative assistant to be aware of everything.

However, here are some more or less universal directories and the forms/pages that update them.


Main Purdue Directory

Found at:

Some info can be edited via:

Any information that does not say "University Records" is editable, but might be periodically overwritten by other university records.

"University Records" information can be updated via: or our fully-fillable version at /ECN/Support/KB/Docs/HowtoUpdateDirectoryI/Form13.pdf which is up-to-date as of 2018-04-26.

This is a form that is used by the Business Office to update vital information, such as your name, email address, and phone number.  This information requires Business Office approval because it is vital to Purdue sending you information about payroll and other things.  You will need to print it, sign it, and turn it in via your business office or office administrator/administrative assistant.


Department/College Directory

Examples found at: , , and

These directories are generally managed by your Communications and Marketing Office or office administrator/administrative assistant.  Please check with your department's Communications and Marketing Office or office administrator/administrative assistant.


Purdue Polytechnic Institute Personal Profile

If you are a Purdue Polytechnic Institute staff or faculty, you probably have a personal profile at, where "username" is replaced with your Purdue username.  It is also available by clicking on your name in your Polytechnic school or program's directory.

It can be modified by logging in via and clicking "Edit Profile" on the right side.  There are instructional videos available at


Purdue College of Engineering Profile

If you are a Purdue College of Engineering staff or faculty, you probably have a personal profile at where department is an abbreviation of your department and 12345 is a number assigned to you when your ECN account is created (not related to your PUID).  It is easiest to discover this URL would be by searching for yourself through

You might be able to modify your profile by logging into but you might not - the best option is to check with your office administrator/administrative assistant.  Also, please note that only the top profile in that search is likely to be seen by anyone, so if you edit that one you should be fine.


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