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GPU Recommendations for 3D rendering and computation

GPU recommendations for Engineering Software

Many pieces of engineering software can leverage a system’s GPU for higher performance not just in 3d applications, but for general computing processes as well. This document is meant to provide resources from some software developers as well as reference data for GPUs.
To speed up computation, Parallel Computing Toolbox leverages NVIDIA GPUs with compute capability 2.0 or higher. See the compute capabilities of all NVIDIA GPUs. MATLAB does not support computation acceleration using AMD or Intel GPUs at this time.
Dassault Systems (Catia)
Solidworks 2018:
The powerful GPU computing capabilities in ANSYS was developed on NVIDIA Professional GPUs. A CUDA-capable NVIDIA GPU (CUDA v4.2 or above) should be used. Suggested GPUs from the NVIDIA® Tesla® Kepler™ product family or NVIDIA® Quadro® Kepler product family are recommended. 
NVIDIA GPU computing products are designed to deliver the highest computational performance to accelerate computations in ANSYS software.
Generally, more CUDA cores equal more compute power but as newer architectures are released newer cards with similar core counts will likely be faster and more energy efficient overall. 
Another note to consider is that Quadros are specifically designed for double-precision computation, making them 2x-4x faster in those scenarios.
Another consideration to keep in mind is that 3d over Remote Desktop Protocol in Windows is limited/slow/buggy for GeForce cards due to drivers, where it is not for Quadros. If you plan on regularly doing work via Remote Desktop on a Windows system we would recommend purchasing a Quadro.
CUDA-Capable GeForce GPUs
Model Cuda Cores Memory Minimum Power Supply*
Titan V 5120 12GB 700W
Titan Xp 3840 12GB 600W
GTX 1080Ti 3584 11GB 600W
GTX 1080 2560 8GB 500W
GTX 1070Ti 2432 8GB 500W
GTX 1070 1920 8GB 500W
GTX 1660Ti 1535 6GB 450W
GTX 1660 1408 6GB 450W
GTX 1060 1280 6GB 400W
GTX 1650** 896 4GB 300W
GTX 1050Ti** 768 4GB 300W
GTX 1050 640 2GB 300W
GTX 1030 384 2GB 300W

CUDA-Capable Quadro GPUs

Model Cuda Cores Memory Minimum Power Supply*
P6000 3840 24GB 850
M6000 3072 12GB 600
K6000 2880 12GB 500
P5000 2560 16GB 750
K5200 2304 8GB 500
M5000 2048 4GB 500
P4000 1792 8GB 750
M4000 1664 8GB 500
K5000 1536 4GB 500
K4200 1344 4GB 500
P2000 1024 5GB 600
K4000 768 3GB 450
K2200 640 2GB 350
P1000 640 4GB 500
K1200 512 4GB 350
K620 384 2GB 300
P600 384 2GB 400
P400 256 2GB 300

*Power supply recommendations are relative- higher wattage supplies may be required depending on the CPU or any additional peripherals/expansion cards. Depending on the model/make of the PC or Power Supply, sufficient power connectors may or may not be available even if wattages are sufficient. Feel free to ask us for assistance if you are unsure if your PC meets the requirements for a GPU.  

**Do not require PCIe power rails

Reference Link for 3D Performance Benchmarks:

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