HR Change Report

Receiving an email titled "HR Change Report"?


People who have been identified as someone who deal with websites for their unit/school/department/organization, likely as an RDB administrator, receive an emailed report every two weeks or so that list new hires, changes in titles, or terminations.

1st pass of fields we’re sending out: campus_code,campus,department_code,department_name,action_date,changed_date,name_sort,personnel_action_type_name,action_category,reason_for_action,employee_class,employment_status,position_id,position_title,job_id,job_title,career_stream_code,career_stream_name,job_family,job_sub_family,employment_type,time_profile

Please let me and Dave know if you have any questions.

The format of the email will be as follows (with an attached csv file pertaining to your department)

From: ECN Software <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2022 1:33 PM
Subject: Preview: HR change report for Wednesday March 23

As requested, attached is the HR changes for department 'ECN' on Wednesday March 23.

David Carmichael & Sundeep Rao
Executive Directors, ECN


What do I need to do with this information?

If you are an RDB administrator:

First, check on new hires and terminations.

Second, check on transfers, and see if their position title has changed - if so, it likely needs to be updated in the RDB.

When updating the information in RDB, see what other folders the person is in - especially faculty. If titles have changed, let the other RDB administrators know. If people are leaving, let (individual TBD) know, so they are removed not only from your School but also at the College level.

If you are ECN Staff:

First, check for future hires, see if they have Purdue and/or ECN accounts, reach out to their supervisor as listed in SAP, act on as needed.

Second, check on terminations - check with Business Office to see if they are real terminations.
Reach out to the supervisor, see if an R4P is needed.
Work on transfering email and files for their successor

Finally, get the account archived from ECN (email to software, asking for account archival, and removal from mailman and groups)


Background information about the feed processes and notifications: (restricted KB)

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