HP Model Years

HP Model Years (approximate)

This table shows the approximate calendar year during which select HP computer models were originally released. The models shown here are those purchased for use by faculty and staff who obtain support from ECN's User and Desktop Services group. To quickly estimate your computer's age, simply find it in the table.

For models not shown here and/or to determine your computer's exact original purchase date, go to support.hp.com and search for its warranty status by entering its serial number.



Release / Announce Date

HP Compaq dc7800 Q4 2007
HP Compaq dc7900 Q3 2008
HP xw4600 Workstation Q4 2008
HP Compaq 8000 Elite Q4 2009
HP Pro 3130 PC Q2 2010
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Q3 2014
HP ProOne 600 G1 AiO Q1 2014
HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Q3 2015
HP Z200 Workstation Q2 2010
HP Z210 Workstation Q2 2011
HP Z220 Workstation Q2 2012
HP Z230 Workstation Q2 2013
HP Z240 Workstation Q3 2015
HP Z400 Workstation Q3 2009
HP Z420 Workstation Q2 2012
HP Z440 Workstation Q3 2014
HP ZBook 17 Q1 2015

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