Graduate Seminar Sharepoint

  1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to

    Login when prompted:

    Sharepoint login prompt window
  2. Click on the "Site Actions" menu, then click "More Options...".

    Sharepoint Site Actions menu with menu name and more options highlighted
  3. Choose "Custom List". Name the list as appropriate in the right-hand column and click "Create".

    More options listing, with custom list and list name field highlighted
  4. Click the "Create Column" button in the toolbar and create three columns: Date, Website, Host. 

    Create column for date

    Create website column

    Create host column

  5. Click "Modify View" under the "List Tools > List" tab.

    Modify list view button
  6. Uncheck the "Attachments" column. Reorder the Title, Date, Website, and Host columns to positions 2, 1, 3, and 4, respectively.

    View modification screen
  7. Click on the "List Settings" button under the List Tools > List toolbar.

    List settings button highlighted
  8. Click on "Title" to edit it. Change the column name from "Title" to "Name". Click OK.
  9. Return to the main BME Graduate Seminar page.
  10. Click on the "Site Actions" menu in the upper left and choose "Edit Page".

    Site actions menu, edit page
  11. Pick which section the new seminar sign up should be located in. You may need to move or close older sign up pages first.
  12. Once a location is chosen, click the "Add a Web Part" link in the section.

    Add a web part
  13. Select the seminar sign up you just created and click "Add".

    Adding list as a web part
  14. Click the "Stop Editing" button.

    Stop editing button


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