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Four Winds Training Videos

How to Access Training Videos for Four Winds

1. Visit to create a Four Winds Interactive account with your email address. Your interactive account will provide access to the Four Winds Community for training videos. 

2. Login to the Four Winds Community at using your interactive account from Step 1. 

3. Select Training > Videos from the drop down menu at the top of the webpage. 

4. Watch the training within the Content Manager Portfolio (minutes: seconds)

a. Basic Terminology (02:30)

b. Content Manager Interface (01:04)

c. Content Types (00:37)

d. Recurrences (02:19)

e. Durations (01:41)

f. Content and Template Libraries (02:18)

g. Playlists (01:45)

h. Interruptions (01:36)

5. Watch the training within the Templates Portfolio

a. Template Editor and Toolbar Overview (01:45) 

b. Creating and Modifying Regions (03:58) 

c. Duplicating or Deleting Regions (01:23) 

d. Aspect Ratio (01:49) 

e. Layering Regions (00:58)  

f. Template Layout (01:17)

6. Watch the training within the Content Types Portfolio

a. Adding Images (01:48)

b. PowerPoint Content (01:38)

c. Text Content (01:31)

d. Weather Content (02:57)

e. Date/Time Content (01:55)

f. PDF Content (01:48)

g. Video Content (01:44) 

h. HTML Content (01:44) 

i. Transitions (01:07) 

Tip: Four Winds offers a wide range of How To videos for customers in addition to those above at the Four Winds Community pages. They are currently offering webinars at no cost, as well

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