Fonts and the Purdue Font Server

*Document undergoing an update - please contact ECN if you have a font question.


Fonts can be extremely expensive to use - contrary to what we may think, some cost tens of thousands of dollars. Purdue has a font server so employees can use official fonts for their publications. Others can use substitute fonts.

In any case, fonts are not to be installed unless one has a clear license indicating that the installation is legal and legitimate.

Professional Print Layout and Print Output:

The Purdue Extensis Font Server is for people who produce print output using InDesign. Please be aware that there is a very long wait list for this product.

To use this, let ECN know that you need this. We will help you request to be added to the small license pool.

[Internal ECN Note - further instructions can be found at]


Web, MS Word, or PDF Output:

For people using the Purdue fonts on regular stationary, pdfs, or electronic media, Purdue's marketing and Media group recommends using the Brand Toolkit These are optimized for MS Office and are suitable for Purdue brand fonts.

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