Exporting Apple iCal to Google Calendar


1.  Open iCal from Applications

2.  Select the Calendar you wish to Export

Select the calendar to be exported

3.  Select "File" then "Export..."

Select Export option

4.  Name the file then select "Export"

5.  Login to Google Calendar (NOTE:  Make sure you already have a calendar populated in Google Calendar that you want to place your "iCal" data into.)

6.  Under the "Other Calendars" section, select "Add" then "Import Calendar"

Select Import calendar from Google Calendar

7.  Browse for your iCal calendar that you saved earlier in Step 4.

8.  Select the Calendar you want to import your iCal data into

9.  Select "Import"

Select the exported iCal file to import into Google Calendar

 10.  Google Calendar should now have all of your iCal data imported.  To view the appointments, select "Back to Calendar" and highlight the calendar that you imported the data to.

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