Exchange & Apple Mail - Public Folder Synching

Note: As of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, full Exchange support has been built into Apple Mail. If you have upgraded to Snow Leopard, this public folder syncing issue is no longer relevant.

This article is meant for users who have already setup Apple Mail to work with their Purdue Exchange email. Some users have found that their Exchange account attempts to pull in thousands of email messages from public Exchange folders, and this FAQ addresses how to fix this.

**Note: This FAQ will ask you to remove and re-add your Exchange account in Apple Mail. While this should not cause any issues because your email is stored on the Exchange server, it is possible that you may lose some settings such as signatures, so backup any locally stored information you need before you continue.



1. Open Apple Mail, select Mail > Preferences, and click on the Accounts tab.

2. Make a note of your account settings for the Exchange account (probably named Purdue Exchange, ITaP Exchange, or similar) as you will need to re-enter this information shortly.

3. Click on your account in the column on the left-hand side of the window, and click the minus (-) sign below to remove your account.

4. Add your account again by clicking on the plus (+) sign.

5. Re-enter all needed information, but before clicking on Create, make sure to uncheck "Take account online". After that is done you can create the account.


6. Switch to the Finder and navigate to User/username/Library/Mail/

7. Inside the Mail directory, add a new folder and name it "Public Folders". Be sure to have all capitalization and spelling exactly as you see it here, without quotes.

8. Right click on the folder and select "Get info". A window will appear. In the bottom right of this window, you may need to click on the lock and authenticate to change settings.

9. Change the privileges for all accounts to "read only."

10. Click the gear at the bottom of the window, and select "Apply to enclosed items" and click Okay. Close the window.

11. Switch back to Apple Mail, quit Mail and re-open it.

12. When you start Mail back up, click on Get Mail to ensure that the account goes online. Select Activity from the Window menu to check that your information is being synched.


Although the public folders will still show up in Mail, they should not be filling up with email anymore.


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