Setting an Exchange Auto-Reply Message for Entourage Users

Microsoft Entourage (including versions v.X, 2001 and 2004) does not offer the ability to set an auto-away message with the application. However, you can set an auto-away message for your Exchange account through Outlook Web Access (OWA), Exchange's web-based interface for your Exchange account. The benefits to this method are that you don't need to have an email program running for the auto-reply to operate, and you can change or disable the auto-away message from any computer with Internet access.

First, log in to your your Exchange account through OWA. Make sure that your username is prefixed by onepurdue\ or the login attempt will fail. The site is located at:


Once you are logged into Exchange, click Options from the menu on the left. See Fig. 1

Screenshot of Outlook Web Access menu. Fig. 1

The list of options will appear on the right side. Here, you can enable or disable an auto-away message and construct your personal message. Make sure to enable the auto-away message. See Fig. 2.

Screenshot of Out Of Office Assistant options for Outlook Web Access. Fig. 2

Once you are satisfied with the new settings, click Save and Close at the top of the page. Your changes will be saved. See Fig. 3.

Screenshot of Save and Close button on Out Of Office Assistant for Outlook Web Access. Fig. 3

Your changes are now saved and the auto-away message has been activated. If you wish to change or disable the message, simply visit the same page.


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