E-Mail: Forwarding or Redirecting Mail

Redirecting your @purdue.edu Address

You typically have three options for your email:

1. Office365 (default mail service)
2. ECN email (by special request)
3. Forwarding to an external email provider (eg Gmail)

For Option 2, please contact us first, explain why you would like to use ECN's Linux-based mail services, and we will assist with running the appropriate scripts to set your account up to be able to deal with email that is checked from multiple sources (eg: Webmail, desktop client and smartphone). Internal Note: To setup someone to use ECN mail, follow the steps in the article at https://engineering.purdue.edu/ECN/Support/KB/Docs/MovetoECNEmail (Restricted to ECN Staff)

For Option 3, forwarding your email to an off-campus entity. This is not an option if you deal with any email that is restricted from being on off-campus servers due to any contracts you may be working on. If you do decide to use this option, this is a two-step process. The first step is to set your off-campus email (like Gmail) to be able to send email as your @purdue.edu address. This is typically controlled in your Send As settings, directions vary, but are similar across email providers. The second step is to set your forwarding to your external email address: Set your email to o365,  then use the Settings > Forwarding option in o365 to forward  email to your desired destination.

The second step is to Forward your O365 Email to the off-campus email:

  • Login to Office 365 (https://login.microsoftonline.com/) using your @purdue.edu email and career account password.
  • Click Outlook.
  • Click Settings (gear icon in the upper right-hand of your screen). 
  • At the bottom of the Settings panel, Click View all Outlook settings - Click Mail.
  • Click Forwarding
  • Under the "Forwarding" heading, select Enable Forwarding
  • Type the email address you wish to forward your mail (e.g., gmail, hotmail, etc.)
  • Recommended: Select "Keep a copy of all forwarded messages"
    • Note: if you do not select this, nothing sent to your @purdue.edu email account will be saved in your Purdue O365 mailbox. 
    • Warning!!! Some email senders do not allow their mail to be forwarded.  You will need the "keep copy "in your mailbox to get the message.
  • Select Save.
Outgoing email settings: SMTP/Outgoing Settings: smtp.office365.com, port 587 ssl protocol: STARTTLS, username: yourAlias@purdue.edu
Note: Doing this essentially makes one have two calendars, a "Purdue" one on o365 and a personal one, presumably on Google Calendar. Perhaps this clever piece of donationware ($15) will help: https://phw198.github.io/OutlookGoogleCalendarSync/ - caveat: it has to remain running constantly for it to work, and you should only install it on a machine that you do have constant and ready physical access to.


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