EMC Short Course ECE 496

EMC Short Course –ECE496 (1 Credit Hour) or Consent of Instructor

Basic Measurements and Regulations for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

Saturday Morning Events and Extensive Hands-On Lab Experience:
February 2 - Introduction to EMC    
February 23 - Crosstalk in Cables   
March 23 - Shielding and Ground Noise in Digital Logic
April 6 - Prep for Field Trip to Test Lab    
April 13 - Field Trip to DLS Electronics   
April 27 - Preparation of Final Reports (required
Contact: Barrett F. Robinson, Adjunct Professor (ECE)       robinbar@purdue.edu
Co-Instructors:  Don N. Heirman (ECE Grad); Mark Steffka, Adjunct Prof (U of Mich);
Christopher Semanson  (UM-Dearborn)


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