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E-mail: Using ECN Webmail

What is ECN Webmail?

ECN supports and maintains an online Webmail service for both and e-mail accounts at This site is similar to the webmail offered by ITaP, but it offers several additional security features such as SpamAssassin and improved Virus Protection. If you would prefer to use your own e-mail application, please see the document entitled

"Setting Up Your E-Mail Program."

How to Use Your ECN Webmail

  1. Go to to access the site.
  2. Type in your Username (your ECN Login, i.e. smithj1)
  3. Type in your Password (the same password as ECN Login Password)
  4. Select your Server: If you have problems using your ECN webmail, to go "HELP", which is located on the top tool bar near the center, designated by a question mark.

    **If your mail is set up to go to your account, use "" To find your ECN mail server, go to a terminal, type pwd this will give you information on your path., for example: /home/pier/e/username Pier would be the correct Server to use. For more information on using your account, please visit: Forwarding Purdue Mail to Your ECN Account

  5. Click "Log in"


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