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ECN Services: Online Engineering Textbook Listing

ECN provides textbook listings for all of Purdue's Schools of Engineering in West Lafayette. Engineering students can use this resource to find out what books are required or suggested for their various Engineering courses. The listing is provided as a convenience only; while ECN attempts to provide current information, changes do occur. We strongly suggest attending the first day of class or contacting your professor before purchasing your course materials, especially if you plan to purchase them online where returns are difficult.

To Use the Textbook Listings

  • Go to the textbook listing at You can find it by clicking on Resources For >> Current Students either on the ECN home page or on the left sidebar of any other ECN page. "Textbooks" is one of the items in the list of resources.
  • Select the school of interest (example: CE - Civil Engineering)
  • Select the course number. (example: CE200)

What you should see is:

Textbook title, Author(s), ISBN

Last Updated: Notes: $-$


CE200 Surveying, theory and practice , James M. Anderson. Edward M. Mikhail. ISBN: 0070159149

Last Updated: 04/11/2002 - Notes: Required - ($70.00, $174.52)

Last Updated: is the date this information was placed in our database.

Notes: is where additional information is included (example: required, optional)

If a dollar value appears with a listing, this indicates that a clearing house is reporting pricing from a variety of vendors: no recommendation is intended.

For questions regarding class schedules email the admissions office

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