ECN Services: Resource Allocation Tool (RAT)

The Resource Allocation Tool was built to manage your department's inventory. That inventory can be anything from cameras or laptops to offices and lecture halls. RAT, as it is affectionately called, can hold and type of resource. The availability of your resources are listed on the website for viewing by Purdue students, staff, and faculty. If someone wants to reserve one of your resources, they merely need to fill out an online form. When you or one of your other determined administrators receives the request in your email Inbox you can authorize and post the reservation or reply and decline the request.

RAT now has a new Meeting Scheduler. The purpose of this function is to allow managers to determine the best possible time for a meeting to take place. Managers input the users that they would like to input their availability. The users then select the times during the week they are available. The overall 'meeting availability' view changes as each user puts in their information.

The Resource Allocation Tool can be found here.

RAT is open to all Purdue Schools and Departments.

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