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ECN E-Mail: Forwarding to Another Computer Within ECN

To change mail forwarding within ECN

The mailbox command is a local command. You can use it to move your mailbox from one ECN host to another. Changes made using the mailbox command become effective around midnight on the date the command is issued.

Syntax: mailbox machine

Example: mailbox shay
(mail will be forwarded to the machine 'shay')

Other useful forms:

mailbox to show your mailbox
mailbox -u user to show user's mailbox

To forward your mail to a non-ECN host

Type mailbox host where "host" is the name of the host that you want to receive your forwarded e-mail.

Example: mailbox

If you get a

	Your mailbox can only exist on a host on which you have an account.

error message, that means you cannot ``mailbox'' your mail to that host. You'll have to ``mailbox'' to a host on which you have an account and then use a .forward file to forward to the host where you want to receive your mail.

If you need a .forward file, make a file named .forward (don't forget the dot) in your home directory and type the e-mail address to which you want your mail forwarded. Press Enter or Return once at the end of the line.


Do not attempt to forward to your e-mail address at if your service field forwards your mail from there back to the host you are on or most hosts at ECN, ITaP, and Statistics. To see what your service field currently contains, type, on most Unix hosts,

	ph user return service

where user is your login (e.g. johndoe).

Contact your site specialist if you have any questions.

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