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ECN E-Mail: Forwarding Purdue Mail to Your ECN Account

Every Purdue Engineering student has two e-mail addresses. The first is address, and the second is One of these e-mail addresses must always forward to the other; it is not possible to store mail in both accounts simultaneously. The default setup for new users is to have their e-mail stored on the account and have the address forward to the address. However, many ECN users prefer to reverse the forwarding, making their primary e-mail account. To do this, follow the directions below.


After completing these instructions, there may be a period of time during which you cannot receive e-mail, and messages will be bounced back to their senders. This is because the changes you make will take place immediately on the server, but the server's status will not change until the following morning. For the safest results, follow these instructions late in the evening when you do not expect to receive many new messages.

1. Setup Thunderbird for your ECN mail
        Follow the instructions found at:
   (This will open in a new window)

2. SSH to your homeserver
        A. Open Secure CRT either by browsing to Start>Programs>ECN Software>SecureCRT on ECN machines, or download it from the PULS page.
        B. SSH to your homeserver (min, shay, dynamo, atom, roger... whatever machine your N:\ drive resides on)
        C. Type the following commands:
                mailbox <insert name of homeserver>
                        -- This changes your mail to come to ECN.
                        -- This enables spamassassin

3. Move your ITaP email to your ECN server
        A. Start Mozilla Thunderbird
        B. Copy all your mail from your ITaP account to you ECN account
Make sure that you move all your ITaP email to your ECN server, because  you will lose it in seven days.

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