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Departmental Printing: Flex Lab building

Internal note: Additions and removals to Flex printing groups are controlled by the Director of Flex Labs via the appropriate flex ECN mailman lists. No additions or removals should be done directly in the Active Directory Group.

For Windows systems

Master Instructions for adding printers

  • Office Printers

Printer model: HP LaserJet MFP E87660

Printer Path: \\\flex1h01p1







For Mac Systems

Master Instructions for adding printers

Printer model: HP Laserjet MFP E87660

Driver: /ECN/Support/KB/Docs/DepartmentalPrintingF/hp-printer-essentials-SE-5_9_0_3.pkg

Printer information after driver installed: HP Color MFP E87640-50-60

Printer Path: 

NoteThere is a charge of $0.10 per color page and $0.03 per black/white page to use the printers. You also need to be in an appropriate (approved) group of users to access the printers.

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