Cplex: Accessing help within Cplex

After starting Cplex your system prompt should change from a basic UNIX prompt to a CPLEX> prompt. To access help type:


after the CPLEX> prompt. A list of the CPLEX commands will appear on the screen. Since all commands start with a unique character, you can also type just a single letter to execute most commands. For example to access help, type:


After typing the help command, the following list of available commands will appear on the screen.

add             add constraints to the problem
baropt solve using barrier algorithm
change change the problem
display display problem, solution or parameter settings
enter enter a new problem
help provide information on CPLEX commands
mipopt solve a mixed integer program
netopt solve the problem using network method
primopt solve using the primal method
quit leave CPLEX
read read problem or basis information from a file
set set parameters
tranopt solve using the dual method
write write problem or solution info. to a file
xecute execute a command from the operating system

Enter enough characters to uniquely identify commands & options.
Commands may be executed in either of two formats:
1. Incremental entry--enter the command name, and CPLEX
will prompt you for additional required information.
2. Single-line entry--CPLEX accepts single-line command
strings, provided simple syntax rules are observed.
All cplex commands available to you will appear in this list. Notice that one command has already successfully been used, the help command.

To find out more about a specific command, type help followed by the name of that command. For example, to learn more about the optimize command type:

help optimize

Remember that typing the full name is unnecessary. You could alternately try:

h o

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