Connecting to Purdue's wireless offerings

Purdue has several ways to get your mobile devices connected to the wireless network.

The  ATT WiFi is available to any guest. The Eduroam WiFi is available to any guest coming in from an Eduroam-enabled campus. The PAL wireless is for Purdue Faculty, Staff, and guests needing access to other campus internal resources.

1. AT&T WiFi:
If you are used to using WiFi offerings (like those at most hotels, airports and coffee shops); you can use the attwifi network. Connect to the network, and open any browser to accept the Terms and Conditions before continuing on. Call toll-free at 1-888-888-7520 for assistance. Detailed instructions at

2. Eduroam:
If you are coming to Purdue from a campus that uses Eduroam, you are able to attach to Purdue’s eduroam instance by using your university email address and password to authenticate to the system. Detailed instructions at

The situation varies by the institution where you are using Eduroam, but  people have the most success if they first connect to Eduroam when at their institution's main campus - this seems to help get the person's presence created on Eduroam correctly, but it doesn't hurt to try using Eduroam the first time when you are on the road.  Also important to note, if a Purdue user connects to Eduroam at another campus, they are almost always still "off campus" and need to use VPN to access ECN and ITaP resources such as remote desktop, file servers, and printers.

3. PAL3.0:
If you have an official Purdue Career Account login; or an official Purdue Guest Account login and password (the latter is typically in the form g0123456), you may be able to attach to the PAL Setup WiFi, open a browser to follow instructions on the page, using your g0123456-style login and password. Instructions and links to the  step-by-step installer XPressConnect:

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