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Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server Databases

ECN provides a number of Microsoft SQL Servers to host databases.  The servers are listed below:

ECN-MSSQL  - This server is the main SQL server for non-infrastructure databases

ECN-CLASSMSSQL  - This server hosts class related development databases, only databases used for teaching can be on this server.

ECN-PRODMSSQL  - This server hosts infrastructure databases for internal ECN use only.

You will be notified which server your database is located on (most times this will be ECN-MSSQL), you will need this name as it is the server you will connect to.

You will also be notified what your database is named which you will see when you connect through either Microsoft SQL Server Managment Studion (SSMS), Visual Studio or any other DB management application.

If you are using an computer NOT on the BoilerAD Domain (like a personal computer) you will need to follow the steps below before you can connect to the database in either Visual StudioSQL Server Management Studio or any other database management software:

  1. Open 'Manage Windows Credentials' from the start menu (the best way is to search for it from the start menu)
  2. Click the "Add a Windows Credential" button
  3. For the Internet or network address field type in:
  4. In the User Name field type
  5. In the Password Field type in your BoilerAD (career account) password
  6. After selecting the OK button you will need to add an additional credential
  7. Click the "Add a Windows Credential" button
  8. For the Internet or network address field type in:
  9. In the User Name field type
  10. In the Password Field type in your BoilerAD (career account) password
  11. After selecting the OK button you can close Windows Credential Manager


Connecting to the Database Server with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio can be downloaded at the link below: (goes to for download link)
  1. Once you have downloaded and installed Server Management Studio, open the program with the shortcut in the start menu
  2. A connection box will pop up for the "Server Type" select "Database Engine"
  3. For the "Server Name" type in the following:
  4. Then for the "Authentication" select "Windows Authentication"
  5. Complete the connection by clicking on the "Connect" button
Once connected open the Database folder and double click on the database that you wish to access.

Connecting to the Database in Visual Studio:

In Visual Studio go to the menu bar and select:
Tools->Connect to Database
In the dialogue box that opens use the following information:
Make sure that the "Data Source:" field is set to: Microsoft SQL Server (SqlClient)
In the "Server Name:" field type the following:
<use the SQL Server name provided to you>
In the "Log on to the Server" box select the following if you are on an ECN supported computer:
Select the "Use Windows Authentication" radio button
In the "Connect to a database" section select the following:
Select the radio button that says "Select or enter a database name:"
Then in the input field provide the following information as the database name:
<The database name will be provided to you>
Now select the "Test Connection" button, if it passes then click the "OK" button twice.
Once you have completed the steps above you will be connected to the database in Microsoft Visual Studio.
In the server explorer on either the way right or left hand side (depending on your Visual Studio version/configuration) there will be a box for the 'Server Explorer' in that box is a section titled 'Data Connection' where the connection that you just made will be listed
Open that section with the carat (^) and you will see your MS-SQL Database
Then right click on the tables section to create new tables or anything else needing to be done

Connecting to the Database Server on Mac OS:

There are two options for software on the Mac to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server sequel:

  1. DbVisualizer - free software that has limited functionality unless upgraded to the pro version but will allow for basic uses.

  1. Valentina - free software but requires registration, which is free, to get a serial number to take it out of trial mode.

Once you have selected your software for use open it and connect using the information below:

Database Driver:   SQL Server (jTDS) (or just select the MSSQL option for Valentina Studio)

Server/Host: <use the server name provided to you>

Port Number:        1433

Username:            your BoilerAD (career account) username

Password:             your BoilerAD (career account) password

Domain:                BoilerAD (if there is no Domain section append your username with "BoilerAD\")

Authentication Method:  Windows (if available - used maily for DbVisualizer)

Database:             <use the database name that was assigned to you>



If you have any issues connecting to your database please email


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