Comsol Licensing

Access groups

Most research groups that need Comsol have purchased their own
license(s). Access to those licenses can only be obtained with the
approval of the Professor that made the purchase. There are four floating
licenses that ECN provides for anybody to use. These floating licenses are
used up at most times. It is for this reason you can sometimes use Comsol
and not at other times. If your research requires the use of Comsol then you
should consider purchasing your own license. If you are a grad student, 
check with your Professor if they already have a license you can use.

Additional modules

Comsol has many add-on modules that specialize in a specific areas such as:


These modules must be purchased on top of the base comsol license.  Use
of the modules are based on an access group of those that purchased
them. ECN provides a single RF module licenses for anybody to use.

Class license

Many classes use Comsol as part of their curriculum. To use this special
class licenses you have to be in a special access group. Normally
that's done before the class starts. Occasionally career accounts are mistyped
or a late addition to the class can cause you not to have access to Comsol.
If that's the case then send e-mail to to determine
why you are unable to use the class license.

Purchasing the license

To purchase a license for you or your group you need to send email to stating how many licenses you think you will
need and any add-on modules. We will get you a price quote. At that time
you will need to provide an account number to proceed.

Where can you use it?

Our license agreement with Comsol requires the installation of their software on
University owned computers located on the West Lafayette campus. Comsol is
available on all ECN-supported Linux and Windows machines. If its not on your
your ECN-supported Windows PC, contact us for assistance. For off-campus
use Comsol is available on the ITaP go remote system. It will use the ECN
license server that will enforce the access groups.

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