ECN Accounts: Changing Your Password

If you wish to change your password the "old fashioned" way- you can ssh to your homeserver and use the passwd command. Remember that using this command does not show a cursor as you type the password.

The easiest way to change your password is by using Ctrl+Alt+Del on your ECN domain PC. If you are not at a domain PC, then go to:, and change your password there. Sometimes, password propagation across all Purdue systems takes time.

If you are a user of the new Banner system, the following proviso exists:

If you use the Internet Native Banner (INB) product, there are limitations to the passwords you can use. These restrictions do NOT apply for users of the SelfService components.

INB users should avoid the use of the following symbols  $ @ & ( ) < > = # ; as well as commas, spaces, double quotes, semicolons and accents.

Safe special characters to use are:

! + { } | : ~ [ ] / \ % ^ * - _ ? single quotes and periods.

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