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Changing my local directory while in ftp

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There are two sets of directories involved during an ftp session: the working directory on your local machine and the directory on the remote machine. Moving around the local directory is easy:

ftp> lcd directory

This changes the default directory on your local machine to the named directory.

The usage rules for lcd are the same as for the UNIX cd command. These are summarized as follows:

  • If no directory is given, lcd sets your position back to the default directory for your account.

  • If the directory starts with a slash (/), lcd moves you to the specified directory regardless of your current position (absolute positioning).

  • If the directory is .., lcd moves you up one level from the directory at which you are currently positioned.

  • If the directory starts with an alphanumeric character, lcd looks for the directory as a subdirectory of the current one.

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