Business Office VPN Directions

Remote Desktop and VPN for Business Office Staff, specifically Payroll

If Payroll Staff will be working from home using Remote Desktop Protocol ("RDP"), then there is a two-step process to be followed.

1. From your computer at home (non-ECN-managed laptop, personal computer, or other)

       When you use the VPN client, typically go to as the server. RDP into your ECN desktop computer at your desk.
        If this connection drops a lot, try instead

2. From the ECN computer that you RDP into, (the one at your office desk), fire up the VPN client, and instead of going to the server listed above, go to this specific subfolder (Caution, this is case sensitive, so CapitAl leTters count)!

If you use an ECN managed laptop set up with Windows 10 in the new manner, you likely do not RDP into your desktop PC, and so this does not apply to you.




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