Building Abbreviations and Zone Managers

Best source for a complete list of all buildings (including official abbreviations) with Purdue networking: (requires logging in with Purdue username and password)

Buildings and abbreviations for the main campus can be found at

There is a list of building abbreviations and the corresponding building deputies and zones at

The zone managers contact information is at

Another source of information can be pulled from the ecndb-nets unix command on any ecn rhel host.

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Standard (Preferred) Abbreviation Building Name Alternative Abbreviations Non-Standard Computer Name Prefixes Site
 Polytech Statewide Buildings/Locations:
AND Anderson Flagship   and, swtecn...-a , f



Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence at Ivy Tech Columbus AMCE amce, swtecn...-c SWT
IND Aviation Technology Center at Purdue Polytechnic Indianapolis ATC ind SWT
KOK Kelley Center at IU Kokomo KC koko, kc, k, swtecn...-k SWT
NA Purdue Technology Center of Southeast Indiana PCTSEI (PRF) na, swtecn...-na SWT
RIC Tom Raper Hall at IU Richmond TR tr, r, swtecn...-r SWT
SB Purdue Technology Building TB sb, tb, SWT
SIATRC SIA Training and Reception Center TRC, LAF   SWT
SIATTC SIA Technical Training Center TTC, LAF   SWT
VIN Technology Building   rare (managed by Vincennes IT) SWT
West Lafayette Buildings/Locations:
ABE Agricultural and Biological Engineering   abe ABE
ADM Agricultural Innovation Center   abe ABE
AERO Aerospace Science Lab     AAE
AHF Animal Holding Facility     DP
ARMS Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering     DOE, AAE, MSE, EPICS
BIND Bindley Bioscience Center     DP
BOWN Robert L. & Terry L. Bowen Laboratory     CE
BRK Birck Nanotechnology Center     DP
CHAF Chaffee Hall     ME, AAE
DLR Hall for Discovery and Learning Research     DP
DRUG Drug Discovery Building     DP
EE Electrical Engineering Building     ECE
FRNY Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering CHE   CHE
GRS Grounds Service Building     TECH
GRIS Grissom Hall     IE
HAMP Delon and Elizabeth Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering CIVL civl, jtrp CE
HERL Ray W. Herrick Laboratories     ME
HANS Arthur G. Hansen Life Sciences Research Building     DP
HGR4, HGR5, HGR6 Hangar No. 4,5,6     TECH
HLAB Herrick Laboratories     ME
HOCK Wayne T. and Mary T. Hockmeyer Hall of Structural Biology      
HOVD Hovde (Frederick L.) Hall of Administration     DP
IMI Indiana Manufacturing Institute (Research Park)     WANG
INOK Inok (N 9th street in Lafayette)      
KNOY Knoy (Maurice G.) Hall of Technology     TECH
KPNR Kepner (McCarty in Lafayette)     ME, MSE, ABE
KPTC Kurz Purdue Technical Center (Research Park)      
LILY Lilly Hall of Life Sciences     DP
LAKE LakeView Technology Center (Research Park)   old mri building? ECE
LSA Life Science Animal Building     DP
MANN Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall     DP
ME Mechanical Engineering Building     ME
MGL Michael Golden Laboratories and Shops     TECH
MJIS Martin Jischke Hall of Biomedical Engineering     BME
MRGN Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship     DP
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility     ECE, BME
MSEE Materials and Electrical Engineering     ECE
INDOT (NCSC) INDOT Research (Research Park)   superpave CE
NISW Niswonger Aviation Technology Building     AT
NLSN Philip E. Nelson Hall of Food Science     ABE
NUCL Nuclear Engineering Building     NE
PHYS Physics Building     TECH
POTR A. A. Potter Engineering Center     EEE, ABE
PTC Purdue Technology Center (Research Park)   inltap (CE) AAE, CE
ROSS Ross Enterprise Center      
RHPH Robert E. Heine Pharmacy Building      
SCHO Schowe House     GPE
SIML Holleman-Niswonger Simulator Center     AT
SOIL Soil Erosion Laboratory, National     ABE
STEW Stewart Center      
STON Winthrop E. Stone Hall      
TERM Terminal Building     AT
WANG Seng-Liang Wang Hall     ENGR, ECE, EPE, TECH
YONG Ernest C. Young Hall     TECH
ZL1, ZL2, ZL3, ZL4, ZL8 Zucrow Research Laboratories     ME, AAE


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