Boiler Backpack

Do you need some space to store unimportant data such as music, pictures or other transient data? If so, you might want to look at Purdue's 100Gb storage offering called Boiler Backpack. if the data you're trying to store is critical to your research or classes, you may need a different solution for data storage - Contact us.

Details about the service can be found at:

The Syncplicity client used by Boiler Backpack is not fully compatible with the ECN domain environment. If you only use one ECN domain PC, we can install Syncplicity on your PC. If you use multiple PCs, please use the web interface at:

This link answers questions that you may have about this service such as:

How do sign up for BoilerBackpack powered by Syncplicity?

How do I manage my Syncplicity account?

How do I restore deleted files or previous versions of files in Syncplicity?

Can I access my Syncplicity files without using a client?

How do I unlock my Syncplicity account?

How do I request more space for my Syncplicity account?

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