Boiler Backpack

Do you need some space to store unimportant data such as music, pictures or other transient data? If so, you might want to look at mapping a drive to Purdue's 100Gb storage offering called Boiler Backpack. if the data you're trying to store is critical to your research or classes, you may need a different solution for data storage - Contact us.

Details about the service can be found at: - Remember that you'll need to set up PurdueVPN (via, for example) before you can follow these instructions from off-campus!

This link answers questions that you may have about this service such as:

How do I configure myBackpack in Windows 7?

How do I configure myBackpack in Linux?
How do I configure myBackpack on a Mac?

Why can't I see myBackpack files on a Mac?

Will I receive a warning when my myBackpack quota is almost full?
Why do the myBackpack space properties say I have 10+ TB of space? 

Can I share my data with other people within myBackpack?

Are files in myBackpack automatically backed up?

How do I recover an old version of a file from my myBackpack? 

How do I configure myBackpack on my iPad?

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