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Backups: Adding Unix Machines to Backups

Adding Unix and Linux Machines to Backups

1. The /.rhosts file must include back and backtwo :

Pier# cat /.rhosts root root root

This allows OmniBack to login and install the DiskAgent and make a sym link:

Pier# ls -lsd /usr/omni
   2 lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     other          9 Aug 17  2001 /usr/omni -> /opt/omni
Pier# ls -lsd /opt/omni
   2 drwxr-xr-x   8 root     sys          512 Jun 14  2000 /opt/omni


2. OMNI_SERVER has to be set by the software staff in Igor.

*** Resolved by: cs at: 05/08/03 14:22:54 ***

I've updated igor to include all 195 ECN supported hosts that are currently on backups. If a UNIX host doesn't operate the OmniBack service in inetd, then the variable OMNI_SERVER isn't set, and will need adding to the host's definition.



*** Resolved by: moyman at: 06/06/03 09:06:37 ***

It is no problem us doing this but FYI if you ever want to do it yourself
it takes about a minute or less:

harbor:/[1144]# cd /usr/share/adm/igor/hosts
harbor:/usr/share/adm/igor/hosts[1147]# co -l adicone 
co error: RCS/adicone,v: No such file or directory
harbor:/usr/share/adm/igor/hosts[1148]# grep adicone *
pier:@if HOSTNAME == "adicone"
harbor:/usr/share/adm/igor/hosts[1149]# co -l pier 
RCS/pier,v  -->  pier
revision 1.295 (locked)
harbor:/usr/share/adm/igor/hosts[1150]# vi pier 

I add the line:

@       define OMNI_SERVER

to the adicone host definition and exit the editor...

harbor:/usr/share/adm/igor/hosts[1151]# ci -u pier
RCS/pier,v  <--  pier
new revision: 1.296; previous revision: 1.295
enter log message, terminated with single '.' or end of file:
>> added OMNI_SERVER to adicone
>> .
harbor:/usr/share/adm/igor/hosts[1152]# rdist -c $PWD/pier adicone
updating host adicone
updating: /usr/share/adm/igor/hosts/pier
harbor:/usr/share/adm/igor/hosts[1153]# rsh -x adicone /usr/local/etc/igor -a


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