Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360 is available for installation on supported ECN domain machines.


Autodesk Account Required

An Autodesk account is required in order to use Fusion 360.  An account can be created

at the following link or directly within the Fusion 360 application.


Updates and File Compatibility

Last update released for ECN - 08/18/2021

Next update to be released on or after - 10/01/2021


Autodesk releases periodic updates for Fusion 360 which are not automatically installed in our

environment.  The minor updates are not required, however the major updates are mandatory and released

every 6-8 weeks.  Typically, the major updates modify the file format for Fusion 360 models.  If a file is modified

on a system with a newer version of Fusion 360, there is a chance that it will not open on a system with an older

version.  If you have the latest Fusion 360 package installed, there should be a shortcut in the start menu labeled

"Fusion 360 -Check for Updates".  Clicking this will check what version of Fusion 360 your computer has installed

and what update we have made available to our systems.  You will then be prompted if you want to apply this

update.  The update can take between 5-15 minutes depending on network congestion and the speed of your



Update Notifications

The speech bubble icon shown below on the far left is the message notification icon.  Clicking on the it

will display Fusion 360 system messages, such as update notifications.

Notification icon


This notification below indicates that an update is available to be installed, however the account that

launched Fusion 360 does not have the access to install the update.

Update available


Personally-Owned Systems

Fusion 360 can also be downloaded for personally-owned systems from the following link.  Fusion 360

should automatically update itself as updates become available.

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