Autodesk Eagle Student License

In 2016, Autodesk acquired Cadsoft Computer GmbH, the maker of Eagle software.  Autodesk now offers a free

version of the product similar to what Cadsoft used to provide.  This version may be installed in several ECN-supported

labs.  Eagle requires users to login with an Autodesk ID.  The following web link has a place to create an account if

you have not already done so.  Once an account is created, this same link can be used to login and add the full version

of Autodesk Eagle to your account.  We have seen mixed results in getting this to work and are attempting to work with

Autodesk to see that this works for any student that wishes to use Eagle.


Below are some screenshots of what the Autodesk Eagle Education page might look like once you are logged in.


Click "Get Access" to add Eagle to your Autodesk account.


After Eagle is added to your account.


At this point you should have access to the full version of Eagle.  It might take some time before you will have

access to the full version of Eagle.  Autodesk has suggested to us to give it up to two days.  If you

still do not have access to the full version of Eagle, email


Eagle working as full version.



You will need to contact Autodesk ( if you get this screen once you

login to the Eagle Education page.



Eagle working in limited free version before Eagle added to your Autodesk account.  Do not
click the "Upgrade License" button.  It will take you to the Autodesk store page, which you
should not have to do (

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