Apple Pencil Troubleshooting


This KB is to help UDS troubleshoot Apple Pencil/Apple Pencil 2 issues.  Usually we get an item that reports the pencil is not working.  This KB does not necessarily apply to charging issues.  If the pencil is not holding a charge, it will likely need to be replaced.


1. Make sure the pencil tip is threaded in all the way.  If there is damage to the tip, this could be the issue, but evaluate if it's worth the risk of buying new pencil tips and them not working!

2. Unpair the pencil from the device, reboot the device and re-pair.  More iterations of this can be found here.

3. We've seen situations where the touch controller on the Apple Pencil 2 can toggle the function from draw to erase.  Make sure the user isn't accidently erasing instead of writing.  There's a setting for this where you can turn that function on and off.

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