Anaconda on Linux

Text that is bold and italicized are commands to run in the terminal/console/ssh session.

Get the latest version of minicoda




Then run the installer


I have done this for a research group with a server by the name of enigma. It has this filesystem/directory structure on it. Substitute for you host's filesystem/directory structure.

I installed it here:


I did not activate it. Mostly because that will put some settings in your shell config that can cause problems with some programs like Thinlinc.

Instead I will manually do the following once I'm logged into this host

export PATH=/home/enigma/a/gizmo/miniconda3/bin:$PATH

source /home/enigma/a/gizmo/miniconda3/etc/profile.d/

You can also put those 2 lines in a file you can run instead of having to copy and paste, or type it each time. You can then execute that file instead.

If you aren't very familiar with using linux

Then install whatever conda environments you might need.


If you aren't very familiar with using linux these are some resources to help you.

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