ECN has a package for Anaconda Python 5.0.1 which can be installed on ECN domain clients.

Anaconda comes with Python 3.6 and comes with over 200 commonly-used packages and

has access to download over 1000 packages.  In order to download packages that are not

included in our installation, a mini environment must be setup within each user's home

directory.  The following describes the steps to create this mini environment.


1. Launch Anaconda Navigator


2. Cick on Environments on the left-hand side


3. Click on Create near the bottom left


4. Enter a name for your environment.  The folder "U:\Personal\conda\<foldername>" will be created for you


5. The mini environment will be copied to your home directory.  The one-time process may take 5 minutes or

more.  The progress bar near the bottom right will scroll while the files are being copied.



6. Click on the name of your environment to use it.  To switch back to the default installed environment,

click on "root".


Once the environment is setup, see for information on installing packages.


More information about Anaconda can be found at the following link:

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