License types

In general there are two types of Ansys/Fluent Academic licenses:  Teaching and Research. The default behavior when using Ansys/Fluent on an ECN supported system will use the teaching license. The teaching license has limitations on the number of nodes and elements that can be defined in a problem/job. The research license does not. If a user gets a licensing error saying there were too many nodes in the problem then you need to be using a research license. Both the teaching and research license allow one job to use up to four compute nodes (or CPUS/cores) per job but will use only 1 license seat for that job. If someone wants to use more than four compute nodes for one job, they must use a research license *and* have access to one license seat of an Academic Research HPC license for each compute node over four. For example, if a user wants to run one Ansys/Fluent job and use eight compute nodes, these are the
licenses needed:

  • 1 license seat of ANSYS Academic Research
  • 4 license seats of ANSYS Academic Research HPC


Where can you use it?

Installation of Ansys Academic software is only allowed on University-owned computers located on the West Lafayette campus. Ansys is available on all ECN-supported Linux and Windows systems. If it is not on your ECN-supported Windows PC, contact us for assistance.

The ANSYS Academic software is only to be used for non-proprietary analysis. Licensee and its contract users must be, or be affiliated, with an academic facility. Licensee may additionally permit individuals who are students at such academic facility to access and use the program(s). Such students will be considered contract users of licensee. The program(s) may not be used for competitive analysis (such as benchmarking) or for any commercial activity, including consulting.


Who can you use it?

All research licenses are limited to research groups that have purchased their own licenses. If you need pricing to have your own access group send how many licenses you need based on the above to to get a quote. There are student licenses available for Engineering student use without cost. If you want to use Ansys in a class then a class license needs to be purchased to ensure there are licenses available for all students. Send mail to to get a quote on a class license.


Using a research license on Linux

The default behavior of Ansys/Fluent is to use the teaching license. To use the research license you need to change your Ansys/Fluent personal preferences. From a UNIX prompt  type:

# ansys_lic_admin

The result should be the ANSLIC_ADMIN window. Select "Set License Preferences for User ...". The window labeled "Set User License Preferences - Select the ANSYS Product Release" window will appear. Select "15.0" and click "OK". Now click on "ANSYS Academic Research" and then click the "Move up" button until its at the top. Click on "Apply" and then "OK' ... close out the admin utility. If you are going to use a version other than 15.0 you need to do the same thing for that version.


Using a research license on a Windows system

Select "ANSYS <version> -> ANSYS Client Licensing -> User License Preferences". Then, when the "Release <version> License Preferences" window appears, you will see a list of all the "License Names".  Make sure you are in the "Solver" tab window.  In the "Global Settings" box, select "Use Academic Licenses".  Then click on the type(s) of licenses you want to use and move them to the top of the list.  Make sure the licenses have their  "Use License" fields are "1" to indicate that you do want to use the licenses.  If your Purdue Career Account is not in the list at the top of this message, you should set the "Use License" field to "0" for the "ANSYS Academic Research" license.  When you are arranged the license in the order of preference, click on "Apply" and then on "OK".


Using a research license on an RCAC cluster

You need to use the ANSYS/FLUENT license administration tool on the RCAC systems. The following uses the Ansys version revision (v121). You would use whatever version is currently available (like v130 if version 13.0 is available for example):

1. Log into the cluster (Coates, Steele, etc...) with X11 forwarding enabled:

shell> ssh -Y

2. Gain write permissions on your license preferences file if you don't
already have it:

shell> chmod 644 ~/.ansys/v121/licensing/license.preferences.xml

3. Execute the script:

shell> /apps/rhel5/ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing/lic_admin/anslic_admin &

You will want to check/update "Set License Preferences for User <username>". Click on the type(s) of licenses you want to use and move them to the top of the list.  Make sure the licenses have their "Use License" fields set to "1" to indicate that you DO want to use the licenses.  If your Purdue Career Account is not in the list at the top, you should set the "Use License" field to "0" for the "ANSYS Academic Research CFD" license.

If you have any problems using the RCAC clusters with Ansys (or any other software) you need to send email to ECN does not support these systems.

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