ACMAINT: Classifications

Below is a list of classification codes used in the user record. The way to see the most up to date list of classification codes is through the fetch commands:

#  Show list of classifications
proc show_classif { } {
        global ACMAINT_OK

        #  Find account information
        set CLASSIFS [fetch Classif {classifCode classifName} {ClassifCode Like '%'}]
        if {[lindex $CLASSIFS 0] != $ACMAINT_OK} {
                error "Cannot get classification information"
        set CLASSIFS [lsort [lindex [lindex $CLASSIFS 1] 1]]

        #  Create command file
        foreach CLASSIF $CLASSIFS {
                set CLASSIFCODE [lindex $CLASSIF 0]
                set CLASSIFNAME [lindex $CLASSIF 1 ]
                puts "$CLASSIFCODE $CLASSIFNAME"
Code Description
AJ Adjunct Staff
AP Admin/Prof Staff
AS Part Time Staff
C Course Account
CS Clerical/Service Staff
DA Demo Account
EA Event Account
ER Emeritus
ES ECN Samba
F Faculty
FE Future Employee
G Graduate Student
GR Graduate Student
L Lab Account
LC Guest Lecturer
NE Non Employee
OT Other
P Postdegree Student
PD Postdegree
PF Professional Faculty
RA Research Assistant
S Staff
SA Shadow Account
SO Student Organization
ST Undergraduate Student
T Clerical Staff
TA Teaching Assistant
U Undergraduate Student
VF Visiting Faculty
VS Visiting Scholar
X Special Permission
c Taking Classes
s System Account


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