Engineering Software

We support a wide variety of engineering software on servers and desktops in labs, office, and classrooms. 

The webpage has titles more geared towards the STEM disciplines. This page requires one to log in.

Please be aware that these are an automated list, and there are nuances of license agreements that will need to be checked manually before installation proceeds.

To request any of these titles, please submit a ticket with the software install request via preferably from the machine that you wish the software to be installed on, and we will schedule the installation as soon as possible.


Software Downloads

Antivirus and Security Software (Purdue login required)
Security software provided to all Purdue users.

Student Software Licenses (Purdue login required)
Purdue has negotiated software license agreements with several vendors allowing students to purchase software at a reduced cost.

Purdue University Software Downloads (Purdue login required)
Purdue University licenses certain software products for installation by Purdue University affiliated persons (students, faculty, and staff) on Purdue owned computers. This page lists software that can be downloaded and installed by Purdue students, faculty, and staff with a valid Purdue login and password.