A mass storage backup system is available on ECN for backing up workstation and server disk drives. All file changes are copied to tapes in the library daily. These daily copies are stored for three months. Complete copies of disks are archived for long term storage twice per year, in July and December. Files or complete disks may be restored upon request to ECN staff.

Retrieving a lost file

If you have lost a file and you would like it to be retrieved from backups please Contact Us.

System Specifications

ECN has provided tape backups for over 20 years. The current system that provide tape backups of user data files is a disk-to-disk-tape (DDT) system. The main media server has 10 Gigabit connectivity with three 36TB disk arrays. Tape backups go to a Quantum Scalar 10K tape library consisting of 1200 tape slots, 6 LTO-3 tape drives and 4 LTO-5 drives. Each LTO-5 tape cartridge has an uncompressed storage capacity up to 1.5 terabytes. The library, with LTO-5 tapes has a capacity of over 1.8 petabytes and is expandable.

Cost of backup services

Tape supplies must be purchased for each workstation and server, a software license** may also be required. The current cost of tape supplies is $1.00 per GB of formatted disk capacity. For example: The cost to add a server with 1 TB of storage to the backup system would be:

$1000.00 (1000 * $1.00) plus the client license. This is a one time fee per disk added to backups. Media fee is for the life of the disk. If the disk is replaced for larger capacity, a new media charge is assessed. The original media fee does not carry forward.

For Engineering customers, backup media charges are paid for by the Dean's office. For backups on storage over 10TB will require discussion with the Director of ECN. License fees may still apply.

How to get backup services

Engineering users may request backup services by completing the Backup Request Form.

User responsibilities

Each workstation and server owner is responsible to purchase a software license and initial tape supplies. Workstations must be powered on and network accessible by the backup system during the evening hours. Depending on size of backups, the network connection may need to be upgraded to gigabit. Persons designated to receive error reports will be notified by email when backup of a system fails. It is that person's responsibility to determine the reason for the failure and notify ECN if assistance is needed to return the machine to a state that allows backups to succeed. All disk capacity and volume name changes must be reported to before backup of the affected disk can be assured.

Additional information

For additional information; send email to or contact your ECN Site Specialist or the ECN Director, Dave Carmichael

**Software license cost is one time and licenses are transferable to other machines.