TaskHuman FAQ for Students

How is this program related to the Purdue student support and wellness programs?

Purdue University already provides a suite of rich student support and wellness programs. We always encourage all our students to first consult the Purdue student support and wellness programs as well as the counseling and psychological services for every question they may have. This program is coming to enhance and not replace what is already available to you.

What is TaskHuman?

TaskHuman offers one-on-one live video calls with coaches who help you focus on wellness topics such as anxiety, mindfulness, reducing stress, clean eating, time management, in-home workouts, relationship tensions, and hundreds of others. You can hop on at any time to access experiences as diverse as working through heightened anxiety to a personalized yoga session with carefully vetted providers. You can find more answers here.

What is the goal of this pilot program and why do you introduce it now?

Our world has changed dramatically over the last few months. We recognize that our students face new and significant challenges that put them under added stress. The goal of this partnership is to provide new opportunities to our students to access wellness providers and support systems without any cost to them. 

How do I download TaskHuman?

You can download the app via Apple or Google.

I have additional questions or want to report a concern. Who do I contact?

Contact Brooke Parks, Lead Instructional Specialist for Purdue ECE, brookeparks@purdue.edu