The Wilfred "Duke" Hesselberth Award for Teaching Excellence

The Duke Hesselberth Award was established and funded by his sons, Robert and John, in 2000 to honor Professor Hesselberth (1907-1985).  The award recognizes teaching excellence.

Winners are determined based upon course/instructor evaluations during the previous four semesters. Recipients must not have received the award within the last four years. Winners receive a personal plaque, a $2,000 prize, and their names placed on a permanent plaque on display in a case outside the ECE main office.

The award is presented at the Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineers (OECE) award ceremony each fall.

Past recipients:

Recipient Year
Milind Kulkarni 2018
Shreyas Sundaram 2017
Steven D. Pekarek 2016
Avinash C. Kak 2015
Michael R. Melloch 2014
James Cooper 2013
Milind Kulkarni 2012
Dimitrios Peroulis 2011
Supriyo Datta 2010
Michael R. Melloch 2009
Mireille Boutin 2008
Vijay Pai 2007
Dimitrios Peroulis 2006
Avinash C. Kak 2005
Edward J. Delp 2004
Jan P. Allebach 2003
Michael Zoltowski 2002


Previous to 2002, this award was the D.D. Ewing Best Teacher Award.

Past recipients:

Recipient Year
George R. Wodicka 2000
Avinash C. Kak 1999
Chee-Mun Ong 1998
Seth Abraham 1997
Mark S. Lundstrom 1996
Michael P. Fitz 1995
Anthony A. Maciejewski 1994
Paul C. Krause 1993
Edward J. Delp 1992
Jan P. Allebach 1991
Anthony A. Maciejewski 1990
Paul C. Krause 1989
O. Robert Mitchell 1988
Daniel S. Elliott 1987
David G. Meyer 1986
Steven C. Bass 1985
Dennis P. Carroll 1984
Supriyo Datta 1983
O. Robert Mitchell 1982
David A. Landgrebe 1981
William H. Hayt, Jr. 1980
Antti J. Koivo 1979
Gerald T. Heydt 1978
Violet B. Haas 1977
Robert F. Pierret 1976
Steven C. Bass 1975
Robert M. Anderson 1974
Gerold W. Neudeck 1973
Avinash C. Kak 1972