COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

For the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation, please refer to the following resources:

Building SOPs

Social Distancing

  • A minimum of 6 feet must be maintained between all persons.
  • Please follow signs posted throughout the buildings.
  • Occupancy of ALL rooms including common areas, restrooms, and elevators is greatly reduced, please observe these low occupancy numbers, signs are posted on walls.
  • All entrances to BHEE, MSEE, and Wang Hall are unlocked and may be used to enter and exit the building. 
  • The building will be unlocked M-F 6:30 AM – 10:30 PM, S-S 6:30 AM – 2:30 PM.
  • The exterior doors will have signage stating the requirement of a mask.
  • There will be a hand sanitizing station placed at the entrances.
  • Follow the arrows on the floor and stairways as these enforce social distancing. 

Common Areas

  • The number of chairs have been reduced in all common areas. Tables have been spaced and some removed to allow for distancing.
  • Chairs and tables are not to be moved for social gatherings. The placings of the chairs are marked on the floor.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the building.
  • Disinfectant wipes are supplied in every classroom.
  • During the day, custodian staff will go around and hit traffic touch points and fully disinfect restrooms once a day in high traffic, evening and night shift buildings.Once you complete the survey linked in the email you received, we will provide you details on the next steps. If you plan to start online, you will first complete two brief orientations and then register for fall classes.


  • Clean all surfaces before and after use in community areas: kitchen, microwaves, handles on the refrigerators, faucets, etc. 


  • Before and after using the facility, you should wash your hands, dry with the paper towel, and use the paper towel to open the door handle to exit. The trash container is outside the entry door.
  • Number of people allowed inside the bathrooms at any time is reduced and marked at the door. Some bathrooms are closed. 

Water Fountains

  • Only be used to fill containers and are marked as such.

Copy Machines/Printers

  • Limit the amount of printing and copies being made, use spray or wipes to clean before and after using. Wax paper and disinfectant wipes will be provided next to the machines. Use the wax paper to press any buttons on the machines. 

Vending machines

  • Wax papers are provided, make sure to use it for pressing any buttons, wipe the surfaces with disinfectant wipes before and after using the machines. 


  • Limit usage, wash hands before and after using with hand sanitizer/wipes located at entry. Maximum number of people allowed in the lifts are posted on a sign on wall nearby.


  • Wash your hands before and after touching door handles and rails. 


  • Safe distancing in the walkways in required, stay to one side when walking from point A to point B.  There should be no lingering in these spaces, no stopping to chat, no small gatherings. Be considerate of the person who may be walking behind you and the one(s) who may be trying to pass you.

Conference Rooms

  • Closed until further notice.

Research Space SOPs

  • The research space SOP must be completed for access to your research space (including graduate student offices).
  • If you do not intend to access your research space between now and the end of the Fall 2020, please send an email to to state so.
  • The purpose of completing the COVID-19 SOP is to implement COVID-19 safety measures and controls in your research space.
  • It will also be expected that any work that can be done remotely will continue to be conducted remotely.
  • Please follow this link to file your SOP.
  • Samples of ECE Approved SOPs (Purdue Career account is required for login)

Sample Safety Protocols in Research Space:

  • Conduct research remotely whenever it is possible.
  • At most 1 (xx) persons can be in the lab at any given time.
  • Use on-line scheduling tool to use the lab.
  • Assign desk spaces and work areas to researchers.
  • Wear face masks and face shields in the lab.
  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizers frequently.
  • Clean and sanitize shared surfaces and equipment frequently.
  • Open windows if feasible.
By filing SOPs, you will be directed by the SOP team to order COVID-19 essential supplies for your lab based on your lab's needs. 

Classroom and Instructional Lab SOPs

In addition to following the above classroom SOP, the following safety protocols must be adhered to in ECE instructional labs:

  • Enhanced PPEs are required in ECE labs, including a face shield and a robust mask (a surgical mask, a 2 layer cloth mask with a filter insert, equivalent, or better masks.)
  • Each close encounter session is to last no longer than 30 mins, with a cumulative time for each class session (meaning no longer than 30 mins total per student interaction.)
  • Lab will not be available outside of officially scheduled time and will be locked outside of standard business hours.
  • Clean and sanitize shared surfaces and equipment frequently, before and between users.
  • Maximize separation between people when moving through the lab spaces.
  • A member of the instructional team should monitor the instructional lab space while students are working in the space.
  • There will be spare masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes in the lab.