September 4, 2019

ChE undergraduate Natalie Kadlubowski awarded 2019 Goldwater Scholarship

Davidson School of Chemical Engineering undergraduate student Natalie Kadlubowski has earned a 2019 Goldwater Scholarship. A third year student, Kadlubowski is a member of the College of Engineering, College of Science, and Honors College. She is pursuing two majors, chemical engineering and chemistry, and aspires to advance research in drug delivery through nanoparticles. The undergraduate has already co-authored two publications in her field as part of her undergraduate research with Jianguo Mei, assistant professor of organic chemistry, in Purdue’s Laboratory for Polymer Innovation for Advanced Organic Electronics.
August 29, 2019

NSWC Crane collaborates with Purdue and a UK-based university to provide tailored, advanced education to workforce

Purdue University and Cranfield University are partnering to support the Department of Defense through a tailored Master's Degree program at NSWC Crane. The jointly delivered, or dual Master's Degree, will be in Defense Engineering and Technology with a concentration in Expeditionary Warfare once officially finalized. Dr. Stephen Beaudoin, Professor in the Davidson School of Engineering and Director of Purdue Energetics Research Center at Purdue University, is helping to lead the dual Master's program at Crane.
August 28, 2019

Pinpoint Pharma wins Innovation Showcase Competition

Pinpoint Pharma, led by Davidson School of Chemical Engineering research scientist Dr. Arun Giridhar, took top spot at the 2019 Innovation Showcase. The West-Lafayette-based company specializes in custom compound medication for pets, and was founded by Dr. Giridhar and Purdue Chemical Engineering faculty Dr. Gintaras Reklaitis and Dr. Zoltan Nagy. Pinpoint Pharma received the $10,000 grand prize from this year's pitch competition. The event featured 20 companies pitching their ideas to a panel of judges at the 11th annual showcase.
August 27, 2019

Picking the Molecular Lock to Recycle Plastic: Dr. Vilas Pol leads research to upcycle plastics

Plastic bag pollution has become a huge environmental problem, since many plastic bags are used only once and then disposed, ending up in landfills, oceans, and elsewhere in the environment. Dr. Vilas Pol, Associate Professor in the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, is leading ViPER lab's research on ways to upcycle plastics into battery parts and reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment.
August 20, 2019

Purdue ChE to host 2019 Data Science Symposium on Sept. 6

The 2019 Data Science in Chemical Engineering Symposium will be held on September 6 at Purdue University in the Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering Henson Atrium. During this event, symposium attendees will gain a broad understanding of data science and the importance of its application to chemical engineering, how the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering is integrating data science in its curriculum, and how students can get involved in this important field.
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