Graduate Seminar Series: "Process Intensification/Improvement using Cavitational Reactors" By Dr. Parag R. Gogate, Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai, India

Event Date: March 23, 2010
Speaker: Dr. Parag R. Gogate
Speaker Affiliation: Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
Institute of Chemical Technology
Mumbai, India
Time: 3:30-4:30PM
Location: FRNY G140
Priority: No
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Cavitational reactors are a novel and promising form of multiphase reactors, based on the principle of release of large magnitude of energy due to the violent collapse of the cavities. Use of cavitational reactors for process intensification of several chemical and physical processing applications has been exploited worldwide in recent years. The present talk aims at presenting an overview of design and operation of cavitational reactors also focusing on the different areas of application illustrating some typical case studies. The initial part of the talk will be devoted to basic concepts of cavitation phenomena and mechanism of observed intensification in different chemical/physical systems. Different designs of cavitational reactors including sonochemical and hydrodynamic cavitation reactors will be discussed and recommendations given for selection of optimum design and operating parameters. Comparison of different reactor configurations will be presented using two criteria of energy efficiency and cavitational yield estimations for different reactions. The talk will also present some experimental case studies using industrially important operations, highlighting the degree of intensification achieved as compared to the conventional approaches. Overall it appears that considerable economic savings is possible by means of harnessing the spectacular effects of cavitation in chemical and physical processing.

Dr. Gogate completed B. Chem. Eng., M. Chem. Eng. and Ph.D. (Tech.) from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India and is also currently associated with ICT as a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering. The main research interests of Dr. Gogate include Cavitation phenomena, Wastewater treatment, Design of Multiphase reactors, Separation Processes and Process Intensification.

Dr. Gogate has received many awards in his short career and most notable among them are Young Scientist Award of the Indian Science Congress Association, Young Scientist medal of Indian National Science Academy, Young Scientist Award of National Academy of Sciences in India, Young Associate of Indian Academy of Sciences, Young Engineer award of Indian National Academy of Engineering and Amar Dye Chem award for excellence in Research and Development & Diamond Jubilee Young Achiever’s award of the IIChE.

Dr. Gogate has published 73 research papers in International journals and has also written 6 chapters in books. Dr. Gogate also has about 1300 citations to his credit. Dr. Gogate has given 25 invited talks/seminars and also participated in 8 national/international conferences. Dr. Gogate is also consultant to few industrial organizations in the area of process intensification and process improvement.

Dr. Gogate has been involved in many international collaborations including with INPT, Toulouse, France and University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, TUHH, Hamburg, Germany, University of West Hungary, Hungary and University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland. Currently Dr. Gogate is a Visiting Associate Professor at Purdue University, USA.