Fall 2002 Seminar Series

Event Date: August 29, 2002

August 29, 2002

Professor Stephen P. Beaudoin
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, Arizona State University
"Particle Adhesion in Integrated Circuit Fabrication"

September 5, 2002

Professor Sidney R. Nagel
Department of Physics, University of Chicago
"Drop Breakup, Selective Withdrawal and Islets in the Stream"

September 12, 2002

Professor Fabio H. Ribeiro
Department of Chemical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

September 19, 2002

Dr. Donald Lamberson
Major General, USAF (Ret.)
"Laser Weapons and Chemical Engineering"

September 26, 2002

Professor Nicholas L. Abbott
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin
"Electrical Double Layers in Liquid Crystals"

October 3, 2002

Professor Ganapathy Ayappa
James Franck Institute, Chicago
"Structure and Dynamics of Confined Fluids: Freezing in Pores and Ion Exchange in Reve"

October 10, 2002

Professor Lance Collins
Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University
"Turbulent Coagulation of Aerosol Particles: Progress and Challenges"

October 15, 2002

Professor Sotiris Pratsinis
ETH-Z / ETL I 29, Zurich
"Aerosol Synthesis of Nanoparticles: Applications in Catalysis"

October 31, 2002

Professor Constantinos C. Pantelides
Department of Chemical Engineering, Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College, London
"Multiscale Modeling of Complex Reactive Systems"

November 14, 2002

Professor Tejal A. Desai
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University
"Microfabricated Constructs for Cellular/Drug Delivery" 

November 21, 2002

Professor Albena Ivanisevic
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University
"Building and Evaluating Chemical and Biological Architectures"

December 5, 2002

Professor Peter T. Cummings
Department of Chemical Engineering, Vanderbilt University
"Molecular Modeling of Nanoscale Systems"