Fall 2001 Seminar Series

Event Date: September 20, 2001

September 20, 2001

Professor Jack Ponton
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Edinburgh
"Chemical Engineering and the World-Wide Web"

September 27, 2001

Professor Randall Snurr
Department of Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University
"Multicomponent Diffusion in Nanoporous Materials"

October 11, 2001

Professor Daniel Rivera
Department of Chemical, Bio and Materials Engineering, Arizona State University
"Inventory Management in Supply Chains: Insights Gained from a Process Control Perspective"

October 18, 2001

Professor Eray S. Aydil
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Plasma Deposition of Thin Si Films"

October 25, 2001

Professor Anthony Mikos
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Rice University
"Biomimetic Hydrogels for Bone Tissue Engineering"

November 29, 2001

Professor Roy Jackson
Department of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University
"Stress in Fluidized Beds - Research with a U-Tube Manometer and a Meter Stick"

December 6, 2001

Professor William R. Schowalter
Dean Emeritus, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois
"19th Century Fluid Mechanics Can Be Relevant to 21st Century Technology: Some Examples Drawn from Behavior of Drops and Bubbles"