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2016-17 Purdue University Student Soybean Innovation Competition

23rd Anniversary of the ISA Sponsored Competition

Here is a listing of all teams and a brief description of their products.


Team Members:

  • Haleigh Boss, Psychological Sciences JuniorOIlSlick prototype
  • Harshit Kapoor, Civil Engineering Junior
  • Jessica Moster, Mechanical Engineering Junior
  • Viktoriya Stolyar, Pharmaceutical Sciences Senior

Team Advisors:

  • Kelly Blanchard, Agricultural Economics
  • Mike Ladisch, Agricultural & Biological Engineering


The team who worked on OilSlickOilSlick is a soy-based all natural lubricant that takes a new stride into the lubricant industry by being 100% non-toxic and non-flammable.  We intend to create a lubricant that is safe to use outdoors and impact the agricultural industry in a positive way.  

As of now, not many lubricants have targeted areas of application where the lubricant comes near food or water.  Therefore, we intend to target the agricultural industry as our lubricant is safe for farmers to use on the field and for their machineries outdoors and at the same time is biodegradable.  We believe with the right marketing and wise decisions we can successfully launch this into the market and gain a good percentage of the market share in a few years.


Absoybeancy in a bag


Team Members:

  • Sean Magill, Biological Engineering Junior
  • Abigail Murphy, Biochemistry Freshman
  • Terryn Sears, Biological Engineering, Junior

Team Advisors:

  • Gemma Berenguer, Krannert School of Management
  • Osvaldo Campanella, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Absoybeancy is an absorbent pad designed for use with meat.  It is composed of a soy protein based shell and absorptive material composed of cellulose fibers, soy meal, and cornstarch.  Absoybeancy is used for absorbing draining liquids, such as water and blood, from meat while it rests in a tray.  Any butcher shop or grocery stores has these types of products to ensure their meat is fresh when their customers purchase it.

The team who worked on absoybeancyAbsorbent meat pads are throw away once the meat is consumed or used, adding to a buildup of waste in the landfill.  The plastic these pads are normally made out of does not degrade, and leads to a burden on the environment.  Our product’s outer cell is made from soy protein and this will naturally degrade over time, reducing the some of the waste produced by the meat industry.


Soysorbent: a soy odor absorber


Team Members:

  • Susan Hubbard, Biological Engineering Sophomore
  • Elizabeth Tedder, Biological Engineering Sophomore
  • Kiersten Troyer, Biological Engineering, Sophomore

Team Advisors:

  • Kingsly Ambrose, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Joseph Balagtas, Agricultural Economics

The team who made SoysorbentSoysorbent is a biodegradable odor absorber to be used in shoes, gym bags, cars, etc.; the sky is the limit!  Soysorbent was made with the goal of getting rid of odors, and not just covering them up, like so many products out there.  Soysorbent also has the potential to be used to absorb liquids.  In fact, our original intention was for Soysorbent to act as a kitty litter, and by overcoming multiple hurdles has it arrived at its current state as an odor absorber.


Filtrasoy panelTEAM FILTRASOY

Team Members:

  • Andrew Huang, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Senior
  • Sushant Mehan, Agricultural & Biological Engineering PhD
  • Samaneh Saadat, Agricultural & Biological Engineering PhD
  • Anderson Smith, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Senior

Team Advisors:

  • Joseph Sinfield, Civil Engineering
  • Richard Stroshine, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

The team who made FiltrasoyFiltraSoy is a soy-based HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) filter for use in residential and commercial applications.  Testing, based upon the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers Standard 52.2, has shown FiltraSoy to be roughly 15 percent more effective than current high-efficiency HVAC filters available on the market.  

Additionally, FiltraSoy's cost of production is roughly ⅕ the cost of currently existing high-efficiency HVAC filters.  Finally, FiltraSoy is made from renewable resources and is biodegradable, making it more environmentally friendly than currently existing products.  The three aforementioned traits - high efficiency, low cost, and environmental friendliness - are all possible due to the unique properties of soy within the product.  

Soy Chalk: Durable, anti-dust soybean chalkTEAM SOY CHALK

Team Members:

  • Austin Lowell, Computer Science Sophomore
  • Yihan Xie, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Junior
  • Yijie Zhao, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Junior


Team Advisors:

  • Natalie Carroll, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Scott Downey, Agricultural Economics

The team who made Soy ChalkSoy Chalk is a simple but elegant solution to the problem of chalk dust.  Our product has the potential to improve the lives of teachers and students alike across China.

By simplifying the concept of soy-based anti-dust chalk, we believe we can beat out the existing anti-dust competitors by providing a safer and cheaper alternative.  In addition, our triangular shape and soybean oil's binding qualities provide for sturdier chalk that is easier to write with and saves money on breakage.  In addition, the shape allows for more efficient shipping due to less space wasted as compared to circular chalks.  We believe that these features will allow us to competitively price chalk so as to compete with even non-anti-dust chalks.


Team Members:

  • Andrew Cameron, Chemical Engineering Junior
  • Sara Hansen, Chemical Engineering Junior
  • Andrew Orosz, Chemical Engineering Junior
  • Jacob Ryan, Chemical Engineering Junior

Team Advisors:

  • Inez Hua, Environmental & Ecological Engineering
  • Eric Martinez, Chemical Engineering

The team who made polysoymerIf you have purchased an item online in the past few years, chances are you bought it on Amazon. Amazon is praised for its broad range of products and services and refers to itself as the “Everything Store.” How is this relevant to the Student Soybean Innovation Competition? Our material, Polysoymer, is essentially the “Everything Product.” Polysoymer is a soy-based elastomeric polymer material that has countless applications and is relevant to many industries.  Depending upon what kind of product the consumer desires, Polysoymer can be easily altered to fit the needs of any demand. From adhesives, to plastics, to foams, Polysoymer spans a large continuum of applications. Although many different uses of Polysoymer have been investigated experimentally, the Polysoymer team has chosen to focus on one of the adhesives applications of Polysoymer: a soy-based pressure sensitive adhesive.


Team Members:

  • Ziming Wang, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Junior
  • Jinxia Yao, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Junior
  • Haote Zhang, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Junior

Team Advisors:

  • Jiqin Ni, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Paul Preckel, Agricultural Economics

The presence of heavy metals in industrial and domestic wastewater has been a major environmental issue.  In the United States only, manufacturers spend approximately $1.8 billion per year to remove heavy metals from 

The team who made SoyPureindustrial wastewater in order to meet EPA requirements.  Therefore, the team is aiming at making a novel soy-based product to absorb heavy metal ions.

The product of our team is an industrial heavy metal adsorbent used to remove heavy metal ions from water treatment, which is yellow powder that consists of soybean-based materials.  At the current stage, the adsorbent works efficiently when absorb heavy ions in limited time.


Team Members:

  • Xuan Luo, Biological Engineering Junior
  • Tara Marlow, Biological Engineering Junior
  • Ziting Yang, Biological Engineering Junior

Team Advisors:

  • Al Heber, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Federico Rossi, Krannert School of Management


The team who made Soy HairmatePeople seek for simple, convenient and environmentally friendly lifestyle.  Soy Hairmate is an ideal haircare product that fulfill all three aspects. Soy Hairmate is a solid shampoo ball that can be carried without any container and dissolve in water instantly.  It allows people to carry on flight without any restriction.  Because of it does not leave any residue after using, it is also hygienic to use in the guest rooms of residential houses and hotels.  

Soy Hairmate cannot only be used to the situations mentioned, but also be used in daily life.  Soy Hairmate contains no plastic that cannot be degraded in the environment.  It is produced with all natural ingredients with a natural scent of soy.

In order to keep it as environmentally friendly as possible, the packaging materials also contains no plastic and are also recyclable.  It is covered with a protective film that is made with soy protein.  The film adds extra strength to the shampoo ball to help it hold it's shape during travel.


Team Members:

  • Terence Babb, Multi-Disciplinary Senior
  • Nurul Adina Binti Mohd Fauzi, Chemical Engineering Sophomore
  • Zhesheng Huang, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Sophomore

Team Advisors:

  • Chad Laux, Technology & Leadership Innovation
  • Chris McEvoy, Entrepreneurship

With strong growth in the worldwide personal wipes market and an increasing interest in natural, plant-based cosmetics, the time is right for something new in the pantheon of convenient personal cleansing products. Wet wipes are versatile products, even in the facial cleanser category, but the harsh chemicals and additives in many products may reduce the draw to a product that is otherwise convenient and useful. Enter Soycology, an all-natural, simple, pure solution that combines the convenience and versatility of a facial cleansing wipe with the beneficial characteristics of soy, in one clean, straightforward package.

The team who made SoycologySoycology is a disposable facial cleansing wipe that utilizes soy as the primary cleansing agent, moisturizer, and preservative. The wipe is fully compostable and biodegradable, and the cleaning agent contains 62% soy product with milk included (or 25% soy extracts, if the water in the milk is excluded). The cleansing solution consists of an emulsion comprised of purified water and soybean oil and milk. This deceptively simple combination results in an effective facial wipe that cleanses and moisturizes, all without the addition of extra ingredients.


Team Members:

  • Marwa ElHindawy, Food Science PhD
  • Jeremy Garst, Agricultural & Biological Engineering Sophomore
  • Jillian Sunnygard, Food Science Junior

Team Advisors:

  • Scott Downey, Agricultural Economics
  • Bruce Applegate, Food Science

The team who made SoyMein


The product our team created is a soy ramen noodle.

This product is a soy-based version of top ramen that is a college staple.  Our product is a dry soup that is 75% soy-based and claimed as healthy, nutritious fast cooking food product providing more than 50% of the required Dailey Values (DV) of protein and fiber.  We were also able to make our noodles gluten free!



Team Members:

  • Leeza Kuo, Animal Science Sophomore
  • Samantha Tinney, Animal Science Sophomore

Team Advisors:

  • Kelly Blanchard, Agricultural Economics
  • Christine Li, Chemistry

The team who made soybinSoyBin in a biodegradable compost bin that is designed to be placed on a kitchen counter to hold food waste such as fruit peels, strawberry tops, coffee grounds, and other residue parts of food that were not used in the cooking process.  These bins work very similarly to how a recycling bin works:  once the small bins get filled up, they can be put in a larger bin outside.  In some States this bin is known as the green bin and it functions the same as how the outside trash bin and recycling bin do, especially in places where there is curbside pickup for organic waste) where they will be collected at either a weekly or biweekly time and get taken by trucks to a compost site where the organic  material is composted and processed into fertilizer.  When a SoyBin is full, the entire box and its biodegradable lid gets placed into the green bin and a new SoyBin will take its place on the kitchen counter. 

The SoyBin is also convenient to take to other organic pickup sites or companies to be processed in places where there isn’t a curbside pickup program in place.  The overall goal of the SoyBin is to divert het amount of organic waste that ends up in the trash to a compost site where it can become fertilizer and be utilized as a renewable resource rather than being wasted.

Soy Droplets


Team Members:

  • Peili Wang, Food Science Senior
  • Wenwen Zhou, Food Science Senior

Team Advisors:

  • Bhagyashree Katare, Krannert School of Management
  • Dharmendra Mishra, Food Science

The team who made Soy Droplets


Soy droplet is a freeze-dried soy-based snack, which is a solid mixture of soy proteins, soy flour, starches, sugar with vitamin C and flavor extract (vanilla). This mixture will be dissolved in water and  then undergo freeze-drying process, to finally take the shape of droplet or same as mold.

As the final product, soy droplet could neither be eaten as a convenient snack, or put into hot water and dissolve to make nice soy drink. If added other necessary nutritional supplements, it can further be dietary supplements of vitamins and minerals.


Team Members:

  • Kuan-Ting Lee, Food Science Junior
  • Yudi Wen, Food Science Junior

Team Advisors:

  • Jen-Yi Huang, Food Science
  • Paul Preckel, Agricultural Economics

The team who made Soy Poo-FessionSoy PooFession is soybean based non-toxic, non-hazardous, user and environmentally friendly odor trapping before-toilet spray.

This product will not only prevent the undesired smell from defecation and release the desirable smell, but also have potential antimicrobial properties to keep your toilet bowl sanitized as a side benefit.

Soy Poofession can also be used as a substitute aerosol air-freshener for being a healthier and a better odor eliminating product. Although the form of this before-toilet spray is not as common as aerosol air-freshener in the market, there is a huge demand for aerosol air-freshener products in the global market.


Team Members:

  • Alexis Laureano, Biological Engineering Senior
  • Cody Spoolstra, Biological Engineering Senior
  • Kimberly Wylin, Biological Engineering Senior

Team Advisors:

  • Teresa Carvajal, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Juan Martinez, Industrial & Physical Pharmacy

The team who made S-CupsThe K-cup is a single serve coffee filter that has taken over the coffee market in the past few years. The environmental impact of this product is overwhelming- to the point that the inventor has been known to feel guilty for such a creation.

In this project, K-cups were made out of soy to reduce the environmental impact by being compostable. The filter will be made of a soy protein isolate and PVA blend. The ring, which provides the filter structure and support when in the coffee maker, will be made of soy plastic. With these new components the only aspect of the K-cup that would need to be thrown away is the thin plastic film on the top. Even still, with more time this component could be made from soy or similar.

Coffee is a huge part of western culture. As too is environmental awareness. As the world becomes faster paced the need for on-the-go coffee will only increase. Every day the desire to maintain a clean global environment becomes more prominent. These two trends are what make the S-Cup product a necessary invention. 

Neoseed: grow with usTEAM SOY NEOSEED

Team Members:

  • Trang Dieu, Biological Engineering Sophomore
  • Harshil Renawala, Industrial & Physical Pharmacy
  • Surej Sathianarayanan, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Nivedita Shetty, Industrial & Physical Pharmacy

Team Advisors:

  • Rodolfo Pinal, Industrial & Physical Pharmacy
  • Charlene Sullivan, Krannert School of Management

The team who made NeoseedNeoseed gel is a niche product that has been invented with the intention of encapsulating a somatic embryo (ordinary plant tissue/plant cells that are not normally involved in the development of embryos) or stem or root segments of any plant species.  Neoseed gel is a protective gel coat that is made from soy protein isolate, and can be stored for a sufficiently suitable duration until the need for sowing arises.

In the artificial seeds technology, somatic embryos are encapsulated in synthetic coats.  The somatic embryo, together with the coat, makes up the seed.  These seeds can be stored for a period of time, and when the need for sowing arises, they can be sown; under suitable conditions, the somatic embryo will emerge from the encapsulation, grow like normal seeds and sprout into seedlings.  This technology has only been used in lab settings and hasn’t been commercialized yet.  Micropropagation is a tissue culture method that utilizes the culture of apical shoots, axillary buds and meristems on suitable nutrient medium.  It is a rapid process that has been successful for commercialization of important plants such as banana, apple, pears, strawberry, cardamom, many ornamental plants (e.g. Orchids) and others.  By micropropagation, a small amount of plant tissue is sufficient to grow millions of clonal plants all year round.  

Soy Soft


Team Members:

  • Samantha Dunn, Evolutionary, Environmental & Ecological Biology Junior                                 
  • Theresa Emeli, Microbiology Junior
  • Jifu Wen, Management Senior
  • Can Zhao, Supply Chain Management Junior

Team Advisors:

  • Michael Gunderson, Agricultural Economics
  • Klein Ileleji, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

The team who made Soy Soft


Our product, Soya Soft, is a 3-in-1 soy-based hand degreaser that melts away grime, oil, and grease effectively while protecting workers’ hands with the built-in conditioning agents.  It gets the cleaning job done effectively with the use of natural ingredients and products that support Indiana farmers.

This product address the issue of hand care after working on machinery or industrial equipment. Our product aims to reduce the financial burden of hand care by combining multiple hand care products into one which can potentially take care of worker’s hands both in the short-term and in the long-term. This combination product reduces the time total time required for hand care, and reduce cost for users in the long run. The product cleans up dirty and greasy hand effectively while protecting the skin in a totally hassle-free way.