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Systems of Systems Faculty

These AAE Professors are working on research related to system-of-systems:


William Crossley

My research activities involve identifying and/or developing formal, repeatable approaches for design in the Systems of Systems (SoS) context. A significant challenge of design within an SoS is determining the appropriate mix of independent systems to meet a set of needs or provide a set of services. Comprehensive methods do not yet exist for allocation of resources that have variable properties. Because the constituent systems are capable of independent operation, they may collaborate or compete; design methods must incorporate aspects of game theory. Evolution of an SoS over time will be more efficient if design methods include making decisions about when to retire existing assets, when to add new assets, and when to upgrade assets with improved technologies; extensions of dynamic programming are needed for this. Systems of Systems are (and will be) designed and operate under uncertainties. This requires new, or greatly expanded, approaches for design under uncertainty and reliability-based design. Some additional details about these efforts are available at Prof. Crossley's personal web page:

Daniel DeLaurentis

My research interests are focused on the development of foundational methods and tools for addressing problems characterized as system-of-systems. Pursuit of this focus includes establishment of an effective frame of reference, crafting of a common lexicon, and study of various modeling & simulation techniques, including probabilistic robust design (including uncertainty modeling/management), agent-based modeling, object oriented simulations, and numerical and visual tools for capturing the interaction of system requirements, concepts, and technologies. The context for the research has been the exploration of future transportation architectures, especially including the presence of revolutionary aerospace vehicles, new business models, and alternate policy constructs. The detailed information on this research can be found on my personal webpage:

Inseok Hwang

My research interests are focused on emerging new control applications based on the advances of ubiquitous sensing, computation, and communication systems. This will make control be a central part of building interconnected large-scale systems with high performance and high reliability, in which individual subsystems are connected through communication networks (system of systems). These applications include air and ground transportation systems, computer controlled systems (e.g. aircraft and satellites), and communication systems (e.g. the Internet and sensor networks). The detailed information on my research can be found on my personal webpage:

Mario Rotea

Detailed information on my research can be found on my personal webpage: