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Research and Innovation

Research is an important part of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Faculty members are engaged in a wide variety of research, and provide opportunities for graduate students as well as undergraduates. Cutting-edge research and state-of- the-art facilities help prepare our students to answer the grand challenges facing the aerospace industry in the future.

Our current research includes:

-Potential human habitats on the moon

-Cold plasma technology

-Major aircraft subsystems and mission features

-Major spacecraft subsystems and space mission features

AAE Prof. Alexey Shashurin's invention may revolutionize sterilization

New technology being developed by AAE at Purdue may one day impact your experiences buying fresh produce and being treated at a medical office. AAE Prof. Alexey Shashurin and PhD student Xingxing Wang invented DC voltage driven cold plasma technology that has the potential to revolutionize the cost and efficacy of sterilization in a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from foods to medical tools. Initial studies of the novel technology were published in two research papers and led to the filing of a provisional patent application.