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December 6, 2018

AAE Colloquium: Dr. Brian Anderson

Optimal Path Planning and Sensor Placement for Mobile Target Detection

Dr. Brian Anderson
Distinguished Professor & National Academy of Engineering Member
Systems Engineering
Australian National University

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Recent Events

November 15, 2018

AAE Colloquium: Dr.Yuan Xuan

Toward Predictive Simulations of Chemically-Reacting Flow Systems: From Chemistry to Turbulence

Dr. Yuan Xuan
Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Pennsylvania State University

November 15, 2018

Faculty Candidate Seminar: Dr. Joseph Jewell

High-Speed Boundary-Layer Instability and Transition
to Turbulence: Fundamentals and Applications

Dr. Joseph Jewell
Research Scientist, Aerospace Systems Directorate
US Air Force Research Laboratory
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

November 6, 2018

The AAE Special Seminar Series: Dr. Addis Kidane

Local Deformation Heterogeneity in Materials Under Dynamic Loading and Meso Scale Approach

Dr. Addis Kidane
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
University of South Carolina

November 1, 2018

AAE Colloquium: Yang Cheng

Alternatives to Wahba's Problem in Attitude Determination

Dr. Yang Cheng
Associate professor
Department of Aerospace Engineering, Mississippi State University

October 25, 2018

AAE Colloquium: Dr. Remi Dingreville

Modeling Materials Degradation in Nanostructures:
An Example of the Intersection of Computational Material Science, Experimental Characterization and Data Analysis

Dr. Remi Dingreville
Center for Integrated Nano Technologies (CINT)
Nanostructure Physics Department
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, New Mexico

October 11, 2018

AAE Colloquium: Dr. Robert Bitmead

AirCraft Engine Certification: The Role of Theory in Practice

Dr. Robert Bitmead
Cymer Corporation Endowed Chair
Mechanical & Space Engineering
University of California, San Diego

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