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Recent Events

December 12, 2017

AAE 490: FEMTA Micropropulsion Final Presentation

The focus of the FEMTA Micropropulsion experiment course has been to
design, build, and test an experiment in vacuum for the FEMTA thrusters to
demonstrate single axis attitude control.

Join AAE 490 on December 12th as they make their final presentation at 10:30 am in ARMS 1109.

December 7, 2017

AAE Colloquium: Dr. Iain Boyd

Multi-Scale Modeling of Nonequilibrium Gas and Plasma with Applications to Hypersonics and Space Propulsion

Dr. Iain Boyd
James E. Knott Professor of Aerospace Engineering
University of Michigan

December 5, 2017

AAE Seminar: Dr. Jim Gregory

Setting World Records for Speed and Distance with an Autonomous Jet-Powered UAV

Dr. Jim Greogry
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
The Ohio State University

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