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AAE Dual BS/MS Degree

AAE's Dual BS/MS Degree Program is restricted to Purdue AAE undergraduate students in high academic standing. Application and admission to the Graduate School are required and the standard Graduate School application process is to be followed. Students desiring admission into AAE's Dual BS/MS Degree Program can apply to the Department's Graduate Programs Committee as early as their senior year (Semester 7). The Committee will consider the following criteria for admission into the Dual Degree BS/MS Program:

  1. the student's undergraduate GPA (90 or more credits; minimum GPA of 3.5 at the time of enrollment)
  2. the student's GRE scores, if available (not required)
  3. a formal statement of interest by the student
  4. three letters of recommendation. One of these letters should be from a faculty member confirming that the faculty member is willing to serve as the student's mentor upon entering the program as well as stating that the student is an outstanding undergraduate student with the potential to successfully complete their BS and MS degrees, and who wishes to expedite their education beyond the undergraduate level

The primary purpose of admitting outstanding undergraduate students into our M.S. degree program early is to provide them the opportunity for an early start on their thesis research. However, dual degree students are allowed to enroll in graduate courses and earn course and research credits towards their M.S. degree while completing their B.S. degree. Before the baccalaureate degree is awarded, any course and/or research credits taken to satisfy the graduate degree requirements must be designated as undergraduate excess credits. Students must meet all requirements for the baccalaureate degree. The baccalaureate degree must be awarded before the graduate degree. All students are assigned or will select a faculty mentor/thesis advisor upon entering the program. In order to help students plan, they are required to constitute their MS advisory committee during their first semester in the program. Working with their committee students need to develop a complete a Plan of Study that documents the graduate courses to be taken, prior to the end of the first semester of registration. Without an approved Plan of Study, dual degree students will not be allowed to register for graduate course and research credits beyond their first semester. It is expected that students complete a research-based M.S. thesis at the completion of their BS/MS program, or complete a non thesis MS degree and continue for PhD. Switching to a terminal non-thesis M.S. would be allowed in some cases.

The School will extend offers of admission to qualified students before the end of the semester during which they applied. Dual degree BS/MS students are eligible for assistantship and fellowship support after admission to the Graduate School.