Combined BSAAE/MSAA Program

The combined BSAAE/MSAA program allows qualified applicants to receive the BSAAE and MSAA degree in as little as five years. The program provides a seamless transition from undergraduate to graduate studies and allows for courses to be dual counted towards both degrees, thereby reducing the overall time required for the MS degree. This program is only available to students in the BSAAE program.

BS/MS information session

AAE will host an information session on the program at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 29. The event will be held via WebEx.

Application criteria and process:

To apply for the BSAAE/MSAA program you must meet the following criteria:

3 full semesters of undergraduate AAE program left at time of application
Cumulative GPA 3.4 or higher at time of application
One Reference Form from an AAE professor that you may have had for a 300-, 400- or 500-level course or one that you may have worked on research with
Statement of Purpose

The process for applying for the BSAAE/MSAA program is below:

Attend the mid-semester callout about the program in semester 5 (typically fall of junior year)
Complete the BSAAE/MSAA Program Application and submit all documents to Hope Fortner by Friday of Finals week (for 1st semester Juniors):

Receive application decision prior to advising appointment the following semester
If approved, student will be directed to complete Purdue Graduate School application

Dual course information

Students will take a maximum of 12 credit hours of graduate coursework during the final two semesters.

  • These courses may be “dual-counted” for both the undergraduate BSAAE and graduate MSAA degrees.
  • Grades of B- or better are required for the dual-counted graduate courses for graduate credit and to remain in the BSAAE/MSAA program.
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher at time of BSAAE degree completion

Point of contact

Morgan Delaney
Graduate Program Coordinator
Armstrong Hall 2005
(765) 496-6414